My name is Carly Robertson and I am a lifestyle photographer. I crave creativity. I ride waves of inspiration and find fulfillment though creative outlets. I have many mediums but my favorite is photography. I am inspired by strong people, passionate love and pure happiness. I find joy from telling stories through photographs. Pictures are so precious and intriguing and magical! They can freeze a moment in time, preserve it forever even when memories start to fade. Photographs keep our memories alive, transforming past to present. I strive to make each session I do the best one. I make it personal. Evoking emotion is my goal. I hold consistency in high regard. I am constantly exploring new perspectives but my style always stays true. I am not a photography factory. I do not mass batch my photos. Each and every photo is hand edited to the highest quality. Since 2012 I have been learning and growing confidence in my trade. I have fine tuned my unique personal style. I have overcome the self doubt of not being like other photographers. I am my own unique person and I believe that shines through in my art. Consider this and invitation to conversation. Let me capture your life through my lens.